Metallica frontman James Hetfield has said in a new interview posted on the band’s official site that the upcoming deluxe reissues of the group’s first two albums, 1983’s Kill ‘Em All and 1984’sRide The Lightning, will offer up a treasure trove of previously unheard and unseen material, some of it provided by fans. Hetfield explained, “It’s gonna cost us this much more, and we might have to charge a little more, but who cares, it’s gonna be cooler! No one’s done this. There’s stuff in there that no one’s heard. Cassettes, interviews, things that haven’t ever been unearthed, ever.”

Hetfield added that he wasn’t tempted to tweak the production on some of the old material to make it sound more up-to-date, saying, “Why would I change that? Why? That was where our heads were, that’s where we were sonically. That’s as good as we got it, and could have got it . . . why would you change that? It’s the sound that is a part of the feel, is a part of the history, a part of the time.”

  • Hetfield also said it was “cool” to sift through the band’s archives while compiling the reissues, remarking, “It’s amazing how a piece of paper, celluloid, something even like a ticket stub, a pass, it brings back a memory. It brings back just this nostalgic feeling, like, ‘Oh my God, I really miss that time.’ You know, ‘Gosh, it was so simple and easy and la la la, and look how complicated it is now’ . . . it makes me relax more now and not worry so much.”
  • The deluxe numbered box set of Kill ‘Em All includes four vinyl records, five CDs, one DVD, a deluxe book including rare photos and a patch.
  • The deluxe numbered box set of Ride The Lightning includes four vinyl records, six CDs, one DVD, a deluxe book including more rare photos, a mini-book of lyrics handwritten by Hetfield and a set of three posters.
  • The box sets are limited-edition collectors’ items and both are out on April 15th through the band’s web store and at independent retailers for Record Store Day.

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