The Killers have released a politically charged new song called “Land Of The Free,” in which frontman Brandon Flowers criticizes Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, institutional racism and the country’s failure to introduce substantial gun control reform. Some of the lyrics include such pointed passages as “How many daughters/tell me how many sons/do we have to put in the ground before we just break down and face it/We’ve got a problem with guns.” He later addresses Trump’s proposed border wall by singing, “Down at the border/They’re gonna put up a wall/Concrete and rebar steel beams/High enough to keep all those filthy hands off of our hopes and our dreams/People who just want the same things we do.” Spike Lee directed the video for the track, which features real-life footage of immigrant families at the border. The Killers gave the filmmaker full creative control for the clip, which he filmed over a few weeks toward the end of 2018. In a Facebook statement about the song, Flowers said the lyrics originated in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting. The Killers’ last LP, Wonderful Wonderful, came out in 2017. It is not clear if “Land Of The Free” is taken from a new record or is being issued as a standalone single.