The Killers bassist Mark Stoermer is releasing his second solo album Dark Arts on August 5th.

It’s a follow-up to his 2011 debut Another Life. Dark Arts was made with David Hopkins, frontman for Las Vegas-based Bombay Heavy. They got to know each other after Stoermer played on the band’s self-titled EP in 2014.

  • Dark Arts was made at the Killers’ Las Vegas studio.
  • The first single, “Spare the Ones That Weep,” was released on Friday.
  • In May, The Killers announced that bassist Stoermer is taking an indefinite hiatus from touring with the band. A statement posted online by the Las Vegas group explained, “Mark has decided to take a break from The Killers touring — but don’t be surprised if you see him on stage from time to time. Everyone supports Mark’s decision to take a break to pursue other educational goals and releasing a solo album. The four of us continue to work on our fifth studio album together, and we’re all excited about the new songs we’re writing.”
  • Stoermer has been replaced by Jake Blanton.
  • Stoermer did not show up for several shows near the end of the touring cycle for the Killers’ most recent album, 2012’s Battle Born, leading to tension with frontman Brandon Flowers.


Watch the first single, “Spare The Ones That Weep:”

The tracklist for Dark Arts Is:

  • “Alchemical Formula”
  • “Drifting Caterpillar”
  • “Spare The Ones That Weep”
  • “Avarice/What’s Coming”
  • “The Break In”
  • “Take My Time”
  • “Blood And Guts (The Anatomy Lesson)”
  • “Tow The Line”
  • “Are Your Stars Out”
  • “Fingerspitzengefuh”
  • “What Was In-Between”
  • “Pretend Song”

DID YOU KNOW? Killers frontman Brandon Flowers released his second solo effort, The Desired Effect, last year.