Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci and frontman Brandon Flowers told NME in a new interview that the band’s fifth studio album is “nearly there,” with Vannucci saying that recording sessions in Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles and Joshua Tree have pushed the band in challenging new directions. Vannucci explained, “We have a problem with taking two steps forward and one step back, so that makes it take longer. We keep asking ourselves, ‘What does a four-piece band do? How do you keep it fresh?’ It’s a constant exercise in experimentation.”

  • Vannucci added, “We’re trying to arrive at something we’re all just a little bit uncomfortable with. When everyone is slightly uncomfortable, then we know we’re there.”
  • Flowers told Q magazine earlier this year that the album contains “moments that feel heavier than anything we’ve ever done . . . There’s also really beautiful things.”
  • The band said that the project should be completed by summer, when the band might start premiering new tracks on the festival circuit.