Korn is suing former drummer David Silveria for allegedly violating the terms of the deal they negotiated with him after he left the band. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the band claims it reached an agreement with Silveria in 2016 after he sued them over royalties. Silveria had left the band in 2006 but claimed he had not been getting paid properly. Korn sued back and eventually, the band claims the two sides reached an agreement that called for Silveria to give up his rights to Korn royalties going forward in exchange for a lump sum. But according to the band’s suit, Silveria contacted SoundExchange — the company that handled royalty payments– in July 2018 and claimed he was entitled to his cut. The band says it contacted Silveria to tell him this was in direct violation of the settlement agreement he reached and to withdraw his claim to SoundExchange. Silveria has yet to do so, according to the suit, and SoundExchange has responded by placing a hold on all payouts related to Korn. The band says its lost out on $290,000 in payments so far. The group is suing for breach of contract and seeking a ruling barring Silveria from collecting royalties. Silveria sued his former bandmates in February 2015, claiming that his exit from the group was merely a hiatus and that he was rebuffed when he tried to return to the band in 2013. Silveria was said to be especially upset over the fact that the band welcomed back guitarist Brian “Head” Welch six years ago but wouldn’t do the same for him. Singer Jonathan Davis told us a while back that the band was disappointed when Silveria left but moved on. Korn is currently at work on its 13th studio album, which will follow up 2016’s The Serenity Of Suffering.