Korn has premiered a fourth new song off the band’s upcoming album, The Serenity Of Suffering. Titled “Take Me,” the tune captures the vibe of Korn’s early, more raw sound, while singer Jonathan Davis told us that the lyrics tackle his battles with addiction: [“I’ve been sober 18 years from alcohol. Not a day goes by, or not at least one time a week, that I hear the alcohol calling me, talking to me, telling me to drink it, and that’s just addiction. That’s just what it does. So I wrote a song about that.”]

  • Davis told the Wall Street Journal that the writing of “Take Me” was directly inspired by country artist Brad Paisley‘s song “Alcohol.”
  • The Serenity Of Suffering is due out on October 21st. Davis said that the title of the album reflects the feeling of serenity he sometimes has when he’s in the throes of depression.
  • “Take Me” follows “Insane,” “Rotting In Vain” and “A Different World” as songs premiered from the new disc ahead of its release.