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Linkin Park DJ Joe Hahn said the group has “a mountain of material” ready to go for its next album, according to a new interview with the band in Billboard. The band entered the studio last November to begin work on the follow-up to 2014’s The Hunting Party and guitarist Brad Delson said, “It’s been a real just organic flow and I’m really excited about the music that’s being created.”

Vocalist Mike Shinoda said that the band is working on songs in a different fashion this time around, explaining, “Usually the music comes first and the words come second, even if it’s 30 minutes apart that’s usually what happens — the music inspires the words. And in this case, it’s mostly the words and melodies first, no track.”

  • Delson added, “We’ve focused almost exclusively on songwriting, not on sound, not on genre, not on arrangement, on words and melodies . . . we’re writing songs and now we’re just starting to get into the style of that.”
  • Linkin Park has not yet confirmed a producer for the new disc, although the band has worked with Rick Rubin on several of its past albums and cites him as an inspiration for the way it is approaching this one.
  • Linkin Park has been mostly out of the public eye since an early 2015 tour in support of The Hunting Party was scrapped when singer Chester Bennington injured his foot. Bennington also ended his two-year run as Stone Temple Pilots frontman in late 2015 so he could refocus on Linkin Park.


  • Is Linkin Park still a relevant band on today’s music scene, in your opinion?
  • What direction would you like to see them take on the new album?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Steve Hunt wrote: “Im willing to do a kickstarter to raise funds. – Having heard their ‘music’ im sure they’d be willing to accept cash for that ‘mountain’ of music so that we may burn it all and purge the world of wildly mediocre pretend metal with lyrics describing the angst of homework, acne and being forced to go to bed early by parents.”

Hugh Jasol wrote: “One man’s mountain is another’s pile.”

Khan Lee wrote: “please have a hobbit take a heroic quest to destroy this mountain, now and forever..amen.”

Ukeje Mbonye wrote: “This was the news that I had patiently been waiting for, by the bedside table, whilst studying the finite details of the global stock exchange markets.”