When a quote from Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington emerged July 21st, in which he claimed that his band helped keep metal alive, it was disseminated widely by media outlets.

But Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda claims the quote is being completely taken out of context, and used as “clickbait” to generate page views.

The quote came from a conversation that Bennington had with a reporter for Metal Hammer.  Bennington was responding to a question about how the band is often dismissed as a boy band with guitars. He commented: “In my opinion, we actually kept metal alive,” and went on to discuss how many newer bands credit Linkin Park with getting them into the metal scene.

  • When Shinoda saw the blowback his comments were getting on social media from fans, he weighed in, taking to Twitter. In one tweet he said: “Bunch of rock outlets taking Chester’s ‘kept metal alive’ quote out of context today. So dumb. Its click bait, don’t fall for it.”
  • Linkin Park is currently working on a follow-up album to The Hunting Party for a 2017 release.


Mike Shinoda defends Chester Bennington:

Bunch of rock outlets taking Chester’s “kept metal alive” quote out of context today. So dumb. Its click bait, don’t fall for it.

He basically said that pop music was ruling the world, and we made a case for (commercially) viable heavy music. NBD

Maybe not the best choice of words, but the sentiment wasn’t as outrageous as today’s rock news would have you think.


  • Do you think Chester Bennington’s quote was taken out of context?
  • Do you think he has a point about Linkin Park reinvigorating the metal scene?
  • Which newer bands best exemplify what metal really is?