Marilyn Manson has started posting a set of cryptic Instagram teasers that are likely to be related to his upcoming new album, SAY10. According to Alternative Press, the latest clip is called “Hisatrocitionics” and unspools from the point of view of a driver traveling a dark road before stopping and encountering a mysterious, shrouded figure. SAY10 was originally due out in the early part of this year but is now tentatively set to come out on June 19th.

Manson’s last few albums have not sold a lot of copies but told us a while back that he defines success a different way: [“It’s how you feel when you go to bed at night. Money is motivating to everybody. It’s not the answer. And, you know, impact is very important to me artistically, but success-wise, the fact that I’m able to be creative as my life, and I can go to bed knowing that, that’s successful to me.”] 

  • SAY10 will follow up 2015’s The Pale Emperor.
  • The album was once again co-written with composer Tyler Bates, with whom Manson worked on The Pale Emperor as well as the theme for the TV series Salem.
  • Manson said that going down to Louisiana to collaborate with Bates while making a guest appearance on Salem also inspired the new disc, adding that it brought back memories of making his classic 1996 effort Antichrist Superstar in New Orleans.