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Megan Fox may make her money off of TV and movies but she would prefer to shield her kids from all of that. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star recently chatted with People magazine about introducing her kids to her work and other geek culture like Star Wars.

The mom of two said, “I hesitate just because…I try not to expose them to technology. It’s hard to make them super nerds if I don’t let them watch television or movies, or get on an iPhone or an iPad. So right now, I’m making my kids into artistic nature-hippies. We’ll see what happens. At some point, they’ll choose what they want to be.”

Megan went on to explain, “So many people use that as a babysitter, and they’re like, ‘I just need an hour to clean the dishes — watch this movie or play Angry Birds on my phone.’ It’s actually really bad for their brain development, and I’m trying to breed, like, superheroes. I don’t want them to get f****d-up brains. So I just suck it up, and it’s hard, and one of us is always doing something. We don’t get a lot of rest time, but I know it’s better for them.”

  • Megan co-parents sons Noah and Bodhi with her ex, Brian Austin Green.
    • Do you think parents today are too reliant on TV and technology to keep their kids occupied?
    • Was there something you were not allowed to watch in your house growing up?
    • What kept you busy as a kid growing up?