2016 Record Store Day ambassadors Metallica will perform live at Berkeley, California’s legendary record store Rasputin Music on Saturday, April 16th in celebration of this year’s Record Store Day. Drummer Lars Ulrich said, “Getting loud, noisy and sweaty at Rasputin’s on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley transports Metallica right back to the core of its Bay Area beginnings. We can’t wait to celebrate Record Store Day while shaking up the East Bay old-school style.”

Ulrich told us that even after years of playing arenas and stadiums, Metallica still enjoys doing intimate shows: [“Playing small places are always fun. Any time you have a small place and you’ve got a lot of energy and a good vibe in a small place it’s always fun ’cause the energy’s contained. And obviously we spend a lot of time playing outdoors, and outdoors, it’s great. But the energy kind of goes to the stars, you know. When you’re playing small places and the energy’s contained, it’s pretty awesome.”] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . it’s pretty awesome.)

  • Metallica last played at a record store in 2008, when it performed in the basement of tiny Nashville outlet Grimy’s.
  • Rasputin customers and Met Club members are invited to attend the April 16th show by entering to win tickets two ways: Met Club members can go online to win one ticket, while visitors to Rasputin between now and April 10th can fill out a ballot, also for a chance to win one ticket.
  • Metallica has been involved with Record Store Day since its inception in 2008, doing in-stores and releasing special limited edition collector’s items.
  • Last year the band released a cassette version of its original No Life ‘Til Leather demo, while this year the group is issuing a live CD recorded in 2003 at the Bataclan in Paris, France, site of last November’s deadly terrorist attack. All proceeds from its sale will benefit Fondation de France’s Give For France charity.

CHECK IT OUT: Met Club members can click here for a chance to win a ticket to the show

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Scott Stewart wrote: “This has potential to be all sorta of awesome, if they do what they did at Grimeys where it was a really loose interactive gig where they have more fun.”

Blake Owens wrote: “Unless ‘old school style’ means they’re gonna play with actual distortion again, I’m calling bulls**t.”

John W. Hill wrote: “Metallica = the Gods that never failed!!”

Bob Tucker wrote: “John W. Hill – First day denier!”