Hulk Hogan wants to make it clear that he was never gunning for the huge payout he has been awarded in his case against Gawker media. He made the talk show rounds on Wednesday (March 23rd) where he discussed the case and the reason he went after Gawker to begin with.

Hulk said on Good Morning America, [“I knew we were doing what was right. And even if we would have lost, even if we would’ve lost, it would’ve been good because everyone would’ve known what Gawker was all about because I exposed them. And what they do and how they look at the world…to me is very very scary.”] SOUNDCUE (:16…OC: very scary)

  • He spoke about not being a sympathetic victim saying, [“I don’t agree with any of the stuff I did. Like I said, I can make a million excuses for it. I’m accountable. I did that. It’s not fun to talk about. It’s very embarrassing. It’s not who I am. The only thing I can say is that I pray to God people can learn from my mistake because I sure did. I sure learned.”] SOUNDCUE (:27…OC: sure learned)
  • The former WWE star also said of the verdict, [“When the verdict came in and the people, a jury of my peers, says ‘We believe you…’ It was just like, ‘The world is round. I told you!’ It was just really great.”] SOUNDCUE (:12…OC: really great)
  • Between compensatory and punitive damages, Hulk has been awarded over $114 million.
  • Do you think Hulk deserves as much money as he got?
  • Do you think the case will change tabloid journalism?
  • How much money would you demand if someone posted your sex tape online?