Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has apparently reconciled with his son Brandon, less than a year after an alleged brawl between them at the rocker’s home in Calabasas, California. Tommy took to Instagram on Wednesday night (December 12th) to share a photo of him and his son embracing, captioned simply: “I love you son.” Back in March, Brandon claimed that he punched Tommy in the face while defending himself during a drunken fight, but Tommy disputed that account, saying that he and his fiancee were in bed when Brandon burst into the room and assaulted his father. At the time of the incident, Brandon claimed his father was battling alcoholism and that he had worked “tirelessly organizing an intervention.” Tommy Lee and the rest of Motley Crue were in the studio recently to record four new tracks for The Dirt, the film adaptation of the band’s memoir that will premiere in March on Netflix.