My Chemical Romance broke up in 2013, but the band (briefly) hinted that may be continuing the robust 2016 reunion trend. The emo-rock band returned to Twitter on Wednesday, teasing what many hoped was a reunion with a new logo and a 30-second video.

A piano intro from the band’s 2006 hit “The Black Parade” accompanies the video, and a flag waves in the wind. The clip ends with the date 9/23/16, which observers forecast as the release date of a new album.

  • Fans were overjoyed, with @BryOnTour tweeting “If My Chemical Romance really are coming back I’m doubling the thickness of my eyeliner and disowning my parents” and @yeezymukee tweeting: “IM NOT PREPARED OMG IM GOING TO CRY.”
  • When the band broke up in 2013, they released a statement with frontman Gerard Way saying, in part: “We were spectacular. Every show I knew this, every show I felt it with or without external confirmation. And all of the things that made us great were the very things that were going to end us.”
  • On Thursday afternoon , the band released a second tweet dashing hopes for a real reunion. As it turns out, only an anniversary release of The Black Parade is planned. Buzz. Killed.


My Chemical Romance teases a reunion:

Then dashes any real hope:


Why ‘The Black Parade’ Was the ‘Sgt. Pepper’ of the Emo Generation: