A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost told Los Angeles radio station KLOS that the band’s fourth studio album will be “darker” that Meliora, the group’s 2015 commercial breakthrough. The Ghoul explained, “I’ve used the word ‘pre-apocalyptic’ on Meliora. It’s sort of the height of civilization . . . obviously, there has to an end to that. So there will be a call and response. And the next album will be the response to that. So if there was an absence of a God, there might be a return of a deity, which usually comes in horrible form. So it will be a darker album.”

A Nameless Ghoul told us not long ago that Ghost was never interested in having just one style: [“We’re not for everybody, as most bands aren’t, and we’ve always tried to have like a singular song thinking, rather than having like a sound just. Especially in metal, I think it’s very common that, you know, they present a sound rather than a song.”]

  • On the band’s continuing quest to stay anonymous behind their masks, the Ghoul said, “It’s just a nuisance. From a practical point of view, of course it would be more convenient to just be a normal band and you can just put a fly on the wall, as they say, and just let it happen and just be yourself . . . If we were a so-called ‘normal’ band, we can just create 20 posts a day, just filming what we just ate and how it looked when it came out and ‘We’re here now,’ and ‘We’re doing this,’ and all of this sort of unnerving hysteric things that most people do.”
  • The Ghoul added, “From a personal point of view, I’m very happy that we’re not — or at least I am not personally — doing that. I have no Facebook, I don’t have Twitter, I don’t have Instagram. I have an old Hotmail address. I managed to sort of dodge the whole social-media thing.”
  • Ghost is currently on a North American tour in support of its recent Popestar EP, which features the single “Square Hammer.” The tour stops in Miami Beach on Thursday (November 3rd) and closes out in Brooklyn, New York on November 12th.
  • Ghost expects to begin working on its next album in January, with a fall 2017 release date planned.