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Nine Inch Nails main man Trent Reznor is reportedly suing the landlords of his rental property after claiming that initial poor construction of the home with subpar materials led to even more issues after repairs were made. According to the lawsuit, Reznor claims the builders used cheap materials in order to construct the home quickly. Back in January, the musician reportedly had to evacuate the house after an electrical fire was caused by mold growing inside the walls. Reznor says that once he was told by the owners that the mold had been removed and that he could move back in, the house was still a mess with sections of it closed off. The singer also cited sewage leaks and flooding that occurred during his stay at the residence. Reznor says that the landlords are refusing to refund his security deposit, do not want to compensate his hotel stay during the repairs and haven’t reimbursed him for some of his rent.