• Check out the Nu Metal Topic on Youtube for some of your favorite Nu-Metal artists! The platform that hosts the majority of these videos is VEVO which does a large variety of different genres of music.
  • Normally the song featured on the video has many different ways to purchase the song, or if it’s a free download, download links.
  • Youtube is always a great way to find new music, however, don’t forget there are other platforms to find new music. Soundcloud will usually have an option to download the song if it’s free.
  • Also if you are ever listening to a song on X106.9 there is an app called Shazam that can be used on a smart device to find out what the song playing is.
  • There are all sorts of topics on Youtube and more alternative rock out there on the net as well! If you hear something you like feel free to call and I’ll see if we can help.
  • We will try and work our hardest to provide a playlist for you to view our ever changing track list and continue to give the best service we can to our valued listeners!