Smashing Pumpkins frontman William Corgan took to Instagram over the weekend to answer criticisms of the first pay-per-view event he ran for his NWA wrestling company. The show took place in Nashville, and while the live crowd enjoyed the event, the Internet pay-per-view broadcast was a production disaster riddled with technical errors throughout the entire show. Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross even criticized the production issues on Twitter. Corgan has responded in a new Instagram post, saying, “On the production side, we fell short on providing a televised event up to the standard that I would consider acceptable . . . Put simply, building up a culture like Smashing Pumpkins or the NWA, takes time, trial and error, and great risk. And throwing $$$ at the problems doesn’t necessarily correct the issues, and in some cases makes it worse.” The singer/guitarist will return to the stage next month when the Pumpkins kick off a string of 30th anniversary live shows on November 28th in Madison, Wisconsin.