Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans has told The Sydney Morning Herald that he would be willing to step in for the band’s current frontman, Brian Johnson, who has been advised by doctors to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. Evans said, “When I perform around the world the fans love my music and my performances and I hear what they tell me. That’s what they all tell me. They’re pretty appreciative of my vocals and performances.”

Evans had kind words for Johnson, who claimed a couple of years ago that his hearing loss was caused by being around race cars — his other personal passion — and not from playing loud rock music every night. Evans remarked, “I just thought it was sad news. It’s your lifeblood as a singer, live performances are so personal, without the crowd and the adrenalin, it’s going to be hard for him. Performances are the big highs in our lives.”

  • Evans admitted that he probably wouldn’t get a call from the group, but felt certain that they would carry on. He said, “So long as Angus (Young, guitar) is there in his uniform… it’s a branding thing now, the name AC/DC is almost bigger than the (members of the) band itself. It’s a massive thing all over the world.”
  • Evans sang for AC/DC during the first 10 months of the band’s existence and appeared on its first two singles, “Can I Sit Next To You Girl” and “Rockin’ In The Parlour.”
  • He departed the group and was replaced in late 1974 by Bon Scott, who sang on AC/DC’s first six studio albums and became a legend himself after his death in 1980.
  • Scott was replaced by Johnson, who told us a while back about his audition for the group: [“I just went down and sang a couple of songs with the lads, but I remember I never thought I’d ever gonna get the job, you know, it was just a big thrill to go down. And I remember turning to the boys and saying, ‘Hey, well, lads, I’ve got to get off’ — it was like 9:30 at night and I had to drive about 270 miles back home and start work the next morning, you know. So off I went, and Mal (Malcolm Young, guitarist) phoned us the next day and asked us if I fancied coming down and having another shot.”] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . having another shot.)
  • Johnson made his recording debut with the group on the classic Back In Black.
  • AC/DC was forced to postpone the last 10 dates of its current North American tour after Johnson got the news from his doctors. The band has said it will reschedule the dates, possibly with a guest vocalist on the mic.

CHECK IT OUT: See Dave Evans sing with AC/DC in a 1974 video:

And here he is in 2013 performing “Highway To Hell”:


  • Were you even aware that AC/DC had another singer before Bon Scott?
  • Do you think they should bring Dave Evans back for old times’ sake, or is he fooling himself?
  • Is it kind of crass for him to volunteer two days after Johnson went down?