Time flies: a week after Sharon Osbourne said she was ready to see “what it’s like living on my own,” she was photographed on what looked like a cozy walk with estranged husband Ozzy Osbourne in Los Angeles.

They have been married for 33 years and announced their split in May after reports of his infidelity surfaced.

  • Earlier this month, Sharon told British tabloid The Sun that she wasn’t sure she could trust Ozzy again after discovering an alleged affair. She said: “Can I ever trust him again? I don’t know. I’m now questioning every statement — every move. The lies and intrigue still hurt. I don’t want to hurt him. I admire and respect him. And that’s what I expect back: respect. I didn’t get that. It’s very hurtful when you don’t get that respect and consideration from your partner.”
  • The photos are the first time the couple has been seen out together in a personal capacity in the weeks following their much-publicized marital issues. In the pictures, they are smiling and Sharon is carrying a small dog.


  • Do you think a marriage is doomed once a betrayal like this is exposed?
  • Do you think their split was about the alleged infidelity itself, or do you think they split because it leaked to the press?
  • Have you ever cheated and been taken back or taken a cheater back?


Photographs of Sharon and Ozzy together on a walk:

Internet Comments at Blabbermouth – Agree or Disagree?

  • Jason Green wrote, “Is that Lurch or Ozzy? Ughhhhh, you rang mate?”
  • Chris Farmer wrote, “She will take him back. She always does.”
  • Giovanni Sibilia wrote, “It’s all PR.”