With Americans going to the polls on Tuesday (November 8th), Ozzy Osbourne said in a new satellite radio interview that he supports legalizing marijuana, which is on the ballot in nine states this year. Ozzy explained, “It’s only a leaf. There’s more poison in tobacco. The good thing about legalizing it is the people who grow it illegally, they don’t give a s**t what they use to fertilize it. A dear friend of mine smoked that every day, he died of the worst throat cancer ever. But if it was governed by the government, they’d have deadlines: you can’t mix this with that . . . You wouldn’t get sick.”

  • He added that he himself has been sober for four years, saying, “I haven’t drunk for nearly four years, taken drugs or smoked a cigarette. I didn’t want to die that early. All the guys I used to drink with are f**king dead.”
  • Ozzy told us a while back that it took him a long time to realize he could make music without using drugs: [“I used to get so frustrated with myself. I mean, I thought that you had to get loaded to make songs. I just thought drugs and alcohol are probably the major inspiration of making music, which I truly believed that because I’d never made a record without using it. And I thought it was that was making me creative.”]
  • As for the big choice on Election Day, Ozzy said, “If I was American, I don’t know who I would go for.” But he added that Americans should still vote, saying, “If you don’t like either one of them, go for the one you like a little bit more than the other . . . Whoever gets in, if you don’t like Hillary or Donald Trump, whatever they do, it affects all of you.”
  • Ozzy will play his final three U.S. concerts with Black Sabbath starting this week. The band will close out its touring career in early February.
  • The singer says he is already starting work on material for a new solo album, writing songs with Cult bassist Billy Morrison and Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens.