Ozzy Osbourne has slammed a man claiming that the breakup of the Black Sabbath singer’s marriage to his wife of 33 years, Sharon, was staged for publicity purposes. Radar Online quoted Stephen Machat, described in the report as Ozzy’s “former manager,” as saying that he believes Ozzy and Sharon’s separation was contrived to drum up attention for Sabbath’s farewell tour, which resumed earlier this month. Machat said, “She would do this in a minute. It’s propaganda. Sharon is clever enough to make a story that the press would read, so all of a sudden he becomes relevant again.”

In a rebuttal at his Facebook page, Ozzy explained that Machat was never actually his manager and the two hardly even know one another. He wrote, “For the record, Mr. Machat NEVER managed me nor was he employed by me in any capacity at any time in my career. His representation of this is a categorical lie. I met him when he was hanging around the music industry in the early ’80s, but haven’t seen him in at least 30 years. He’s a sad delusional relic from the ’80s.”

  • Machat told Radar Online that he didn’t believe Ozzy could cheat on Sharon, explaining, “He’s not all there. I would doubt that he had an affair.”
  • Gossip site Page Six also hinted last month that the breakup was faked, with sources saying, “Sharon is the queen of publicity stunts . . . If it is a stunt, it has got him almost as much press as when he bit that bat’s head off.”
  • The state of the Osbournes’ marriage has been in question since last month, when it was revealed that Sharon caught her husband in an affair with a celebrity hairstylist.
  • Sharon has not made a decision yet on whether she will seek a divorce or reconciliation with her husband, even as she continues to manage his career. The couple were seen in public together at a press conference announcing Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, a two-day festival that will be headlined by Sabbath and Slipknotin September.
  • Us Weekly reported last month that Ozzy told Sharon he will “go to any lengths necessary to repair the damage” caused by his alleged affair.

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  • Do you think it’s possible that this could all be a publicity stunt?
  • Do you think that Sharon could be that cynical, to use her own marriage as bait for publicity?
  • Is there anything about the breakup that seems suspicious or fake to you?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Jason Hildebrand wrote: “total stunt. they even had to address it because EVERYONE knows they’re full of s**t.”

Henrik Harbin wrote: “I understand how this story attracts media sharks. But it is really nobodies business except for Ozzy and Sharon themselves.”

Fred Frenzel wrote: “Ozzy isn’t saying any of this. These are all publicist statements. It’s totally a stunt and everybody knows it.”

Hugh Jerrekshin wrote: “funny, I thought Ozzy’s entire life was a publicity stunt.”