Panic! At The Disco road manager Zack Hall revealed last week that the group may take action to have certain fans removed during singer Brendon Urie’s traditional “death walk” if some particular behavior continues, with Urie himself weighing in on the reason why. It seems that during Panic’s shows, when Urie makes his way into the audience for the song “Death of a Bachelor,” there have been fans that have attempted to either kiss or, even worse, lick the singer. Hall wrote on Twitter, “I’m done with this crap of kissing Brendon during the ‘death walk.’ If I see it, you will be kicked out of the show right away.” Urie discussed it during a recent livestream chat, explaining, “I went in for a hug and a girl like, kissed my neck . . . yikes dude, the neck kiss is so intimate too, which is an extra ‘f**k you’ to me, you know what I mean?” He added, “Please stop kissing me on the death walk.” Panic! At The Disco is currently in the midst of a North American tour that next stops in Memphis today, wrapping up on February 20th in Sacramento, California.