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Papa Roach has shared a touching video for the song “Come Around,” in which the band spotlights one of its biggest fans, Mark Moreno, who has been listening to the group since 2000 and has attended more than 50 Papa Roach shows in his life. The video highlights how Papa Roach’s music has helped Moreno through some of the hardest times of his life as well as some of the best moments. Singer Jacoby Shaddix says at the start of the clip, “This music gives me a connection to something bigger than myself. This music connects me with people. This music gives me purpose.” The main portion of the clip focuses on Moreno’s life and how Papa Roach’s music has been there throughout both good and bad times. It ends on an emotional note with Shaddix inviting Moreno onstage, where he gives him a Papa Roach platinum award in honor of his late sister as well as lifetime passes to see the band anywhere for free. Shaddix added, “Personally, it’s my life experience of being on both sides of the song: being the person that needed help, and being the person that has reached out and given somebody help. . . . Lyrically, this track’s about sticking with your friend through thick and thin, or your loved one, as they’re spiraling out.” Papa Roach will kick off a new tour next week as direct support to Shinedown, beginning on September 19th in Bristow, Virginia.