Paula Abdul tried to abandon her judge seat at American Idol eight times on her first day.

She explains in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, “A few years ago, this man came up to me and introduced himself and said, ‘I was your sound guy on your first day at work atAmerican Idol.’ And I said, ‘Oh wow. I feel bad, I must have quit a few times.’ And he said ‘Eight. You quit eight times.'” Paula continues, “I felt terrible for those kids. I would try to maintain composure in the midst of absurdity and they were completely delusional, like brilliantly delusional. But there was never a shortage of really incredible voices and raw talent. We were always able to find it, and that’s what was so exciting.”

  • The “Straight Up” singer also discusses her decision to leave the show saying, “The truth is, it was time for me to leave. I’d never had the same job for eight years. I felt that there were changes happening, and it didn’t feel like the same show. I needed to go back and do things I wanted to do, and being in that contract with the show didn’t allow me to do many things. It was a bold decision to make, but I will always have tremendous gratitude because it was a tremendous experience for me. I was a big part of history. And the show did change when I left. I would say to Simon, ‘You know the show ended when I left. You were still there for almost two more years.’ He’d say, ‘Oh, shut up.’But it’s true!”

Daily Inquiry:

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