Pop Evil drummer Josh “Chachi” Marunde revealed on The MARR Army Rock Show that he intends to leave the band before the end of the month. Marunde is said to be taking a new opportunity that will allow him to spend more time with family. He explained, “I definitely am gonna continue to play, write . . . There may be a time where, down the road especially, once I’m settled and everything is relaxed and the dust has settled, where I make myself available to be a hired gun on very short terms — whether it be for an album or whether that be for three to five days on a tour.”

He added, “That’s something I’ve already talked to Pop Evil about. A year from now, who’s to say I won’t wanna come out and play three songs on a show, or play a show with the guys — you know, who knows? — whether they are in Michigan or I’m on the road. I’m never gonna stop playing drums.”

  • Marunde will reportedly make his final appearance with Pop Evil on May 24th in Grand Rapids on a bill which will also include Disturbed and Rob Zombie.
  • Marunde has played with Pop Evil since 2011 and appeared on 2013’s Onyx and last year’s Up albums.
  • Up, Pop Evil’s fourth album, was released last August. The latest single is “Take It All.”
  • The band will team up with 3 Doors Down and Red Sun Rising for a late summer/early fall tour that will kick off on August 26th in Charleston, West Virginia.


  • Being in a band is glamorous and fun, but also can be very hard. Do you think you could spend months away from your family to tour in a band?
  • It also takes a long time before you make any money — would that take a toll on you as well?
  • Do you think this guy will regret quitting the group?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Gold Jacket Guy wrote: “File under: Who?”

Daniel Kallus wrote: “Saw Pop Evil at festival last fall. Had heard the name. Assumed they would suck. A lot of it did. But not all of it. This drummer and the bass player were both legit musicians who could thrive in a good band. This drummer bashed the s**t out of the drums. 200% Energy throughout entire set. Looks like he burned himself out.”

Robert Stapels Jr. wrote: “Right when he was at the finish line. This band is building steam and has been the past few years. Being a Road Rocker isn’t for everyone.”

Mark Domzal wrote: “That dude was always fun to watch live. But, he’s right, Pop Evil has been touring nonstop for the past decade. Best of luck to all involved.”

Ian Fraser wrote: “The name itself would make me quit the band. The music they play would clinch it.”