Seven previously unreleased Nirvana recordings from 1993 have leaked on a private Nirvana forum, including two never before heard songs. According to Alternative Nation, the songs leaked after a fan bought the original tape reel on eBay. The recordings, known as the “Pachyderm Sessions,’ are dated February 15th, 1993, and contain two instrumentals that have never been heard publicly before.

One of them, called “Lullaby,” is mainly focused on drums, bass and keyboards, with some fans speculating that Kurt Cobain might be playing drums. The other previously unreleased song features Dave Grohl playing all instruments, with a woman at the beginning saying: “The one I didn’t play him.” The fast, punk-sounding track has what Alternative Nation describes as “shades of Foo Fighters” in it.

  • Also included on the leak are alternate versions of “Marigold” and “Dumb.”
  • There has been fan speculation that Dave Grohl has leaked some of these tracks himself.
  • Nirvana material has trickled out online ever since the release of last year’s documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, which featured music and art from his personal archives that had never been publicly shared before.
  • A companion album to the film, Montage Of Heck: The Home Recordings, containing previously unheard demos and other recordings by Cobain, came out last November.

CHECK IT OUT: Here are two never-before-heard Nirvana instrumentals:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Nation — agree or not?

Pink Taco wrote: “sad. I would have been chuffed to Hear these as finished nirvana songs.”

Raj wrote: “The first one feels like a song from the 70’s, it’s has a Ram Jam’s Black Betty country hick sped up blues vibe to it. The second one is very psychedelic with a Doors like quality.”

StackedAktor wrote: “The two instrumentals sound like a total joke. Complete throwaways.”

dakotablue wrote: “There’s a reason Kurt didn’t wanna release them.”

Felonious Punk wrote: “THANKS, DAVE! Keep ’em comin’! This is light years better than that Montage of Heck bulls**t.”