Prophets Of Rage, the rap/rock supergroup featuring the instrumental members of Rage Against The Machine alongside Public Enemy‘s Chuck D and Cypress Hill‘s B-Real, played Cleveland on Tuesday, July 19th.

The show, their first official gig on their Make America Rage Again tour, was scheduled as a protest to the Republican National Convention, also taking place in Cleveland this week.

The supergroup’s message was loud and clear. Chuck D, midway through the 90-minute counterprogramming to the official coronation of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, said: “F— what’s happening in Quicken Loans Arena. Let’s take the f—ing power back. Put your middle finger in the air. We got to take it back all the way back … Take that power back… You know what happened downtown. F— that Trump s—.”

  • Led by Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real, the supergroup launched the show with their self-titled single, “Prophets of Rage.”
  • The revolutionary vibe of the show capped a day of clashes between protestors and police, with some delegates refusing to fall in line with the nomination as well.
  • Near the end of the set, Tom Morello thanked everyone for coming out during this “difficult time,” and calling out Senator Mitch McConnell, who was currently speaking at the RNC for being “one of the ones who was a proponent of using torture,” adding that Rage’s music was used to torture suspects in the war on terror, for which the band sued the government.


  • Prophets of Rage also played an impromptu set at a protest rally on Monday night in Cleveland at Public Square Park. The band also released their first studio recording on Monday.
  • Prophets Of Rage made their live debut in May in Los Angeles, playing numbers from all three acts.


Prophets of Rage tweet out snaps of the crowd at their show on Tuesday: