Radiohead could face legal action over the music video for its new song, “Burn The Witch.” According to Team Rock, the characters in the stop-motion animation clip bear a strong resemblance to the characters from a 1960s British children’s TV show called Trumpton. The family of the show’s 95-year-old creator, Gordon Murray, is claiming that the video tarnishes the show’s brand and image.

Murray’s son-in-law, William Mollett, told the Mail On Sunday, “Radiohead should have sought our consent as we consider this a tarnishing of the brand. It is not something we would have authorized. We consider that there is a breach of copyright and we are deciding what to do next.” Mollett added that his father-in-law had not seen the clip but would be “appalled” by it.

  • The band has not commented yet on the Murray family’s statement, although the video’s director, Virpi Kettu, said that the clip was meant to be a comment on European fears about the refugee crisis.
  • Strangely enough, the plot of the video is essentially lifted from another British property, the 1973 cult horror film The Wicker Man.
  • “Burn The Witch” and its video were the first things revealed from Radiohead’s ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool, which came out on May 8th.
  • The album debuted at Number Three on the Billboard 200 album chart this week, selling 173,000 copies in its first week of release.

CHECK IT OUT: Here is the video for “Burn The Witch”:


And here is a clip from the Trumpton show:

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INTERNET COMMENTS at Team Rock — agree or not?

Rage4Order wrote: “Get a grip, it’s a great video and it’s got people talking about the work of Gordon Murray again (Chigley, Camberwick Green and Trumpton).”

Enforced Username wrote: “What they actually mean is that their ‘brand’ hasn’t brought in any meaningful money in decades and they spy an opportunity. They’re about to talk to a lawyer to see if there’s any breaking of the law that they can then pretend to be upset about. Easy way to make a few grand, I suppose.”