Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis discussed what it means to be a “rock star” and the possibility of retirement in a new interview with German outlet Stern, with Alternative Nation translating the quotes from German. Asked if his eight-year-old son Everly knows that his father is a rock star, Kiedis replied, “I am a musician. I have explained this to my son. There were rock stars in the 70’s. Today, there are only types which try to be rock stars. They are ridiculous.”

Kiedis also agreed with the idea that some musicians should stop playing at the age of 40, calling it “legitimate.” He explained, “With some (bands), I am glad when they are finished. The Eagles I could eventually no longer listen to. But some musicians just have a longer creative phases. It is a blessing that David Bowie did not retire. (The Peppers) still have energy and are curious. No reason to stop.”

  • In the same interview, Kiedis also discussed his sex life, admitting that there were years when he slept with more than 100 women.
  • He confessed that his “type” was “every pretty woman” he saw, saying, “If I saw a pretty girl, I wanted to have her.”
  • The 53-year-old singer, who broke up with 22-year-old model Helena Vestergaard in late 2014 after dating for less than two years, also revealed that he’s not sure if he’ll ever get married.
  • He remarked, “I talked about this yesterday with a friend: do we focus on finding a person who fits with us, or will we remain single? I am open to both. If the right one comes — wonderful. If not, I accept what the universe has intended for me.”
  • The Chili Peppers’ 11th studio album, The Getaway, debuted at Number Two on the Billboard 200 album chart earlier this week, selling 118,000 equivalent album units in the week ending June 23rd.
  • The band is currently in the midst of European festival season, but will play several Canadian festivals next month before headlining Chicago’s Lollapalooza on July 30th.


  • Do you think there are any real rock stars left? Or are the artists trying to be “rock stars” as “ridiculous” as Anthony says?
  • Is Anthony himself a little ridiculous, doing what he does at the age of 53?
  • Do you agree that rock musicians should think about retiring once they hit 40, or should they keep going as long as they want? Is it anyone’s business?
  • Why do you think Anthony is still single at his age?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Nation — agree or not?

Ishmael wrote: “And on top of the aging rock pile there is Anthony Kiedis, the biggest wannabe himself. With a deluded Ego to match.”

Katie wrote: “They look like idiots now, not like men in their 50s but like wannabe young grandpas. and that is what they are for real. They’re trying too hard to appeal to a young audience whilst leaving the real fans behind.”

Beefcake wrote: “This is exactly why Anthony will forever be lurking around the school grounds, looking for the next ‘girl’ to notch into his creepy, old bed posts.”

Raj wrote: “So basically he’s another Gene Simmons gigolo, Nothing new here. Like Flea says, Anthony gets all the girls.”

Rattlehead wrote: “Well of course Anthony spoke about his sex life again. It’s the only thing left in his life with any substance seeing as how RHCP have ceased to push any boundaries.”