Red Sun Rising has notched the second Number One single of its career with “Emotionless,” the latest track released from the Ohio-based act’s third album, Polyester Zeal. Singer Mike Protichexplained to us that the idea for “Emotionless” came to him in his sleep: [“This one was a dream that I had and it was very haunting. It was a very clear visual, you know, of a woman laying on a bed, and I knew in the dream that I loved that woman but I didn’t know who it was. It was kind of a faceless person. I couldn’t tell if she was dead or she was sleeping, so I came up with this concept that she was just emotionless there. That song was actually written back in 2009 or ’10, it’s an old song that we kind of brought out of the bag and made it work.”] SOUNDCUE (:26 OC: . . . made it work.)

  • Red Sun Rising previously hit the top of the rock radio chart with “The Otherside,” also from Polyester Zeal.
  • The band is currently on the road with Sick Puppies as part of the 2016 HardDrive Live tour, which next stops on Tuesday (May 3rd in Johnson City, Tennessee and wraps up on May 21st in St. Louis. Also joining the lineup is Stitched Up Heart, Hudson and Smashing Satellites.

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Watch the video for “Emotionless”:

INTERNET COMMENTS at YouTube — agree or not?

Lou McGopher wrote: “These guys kick ass. They need more recognition.”

Austin Patrick wrote: “am I the only one who hears tool influences in this song??”

Colin Donovan wrote: “I just discovered them yesterday.  I started with The Otherside, then this made me buy the album.  This is my absolute favorite.”

seidimeow wrote: “Since the lyrics threw me off at first, I looked up the meaning behind them…now I wish the video would’ve been an reenactment of his dream.”