Avenged Sevenfold will reportedly release its new album, titled The Stage, this Friday, (October 28th). According to Blabbermouth, record stores began receiving physical copies of the CD and posting images of the cover art online, including Germany’s Musik Universe and the Canadian site for Amazon. The surprise release will follow a performance by the group on Thursday night (October 27th), which will supposedly take place on the roof of the Capitol Records building in Los Angeles and will be streamed live online in 3D.

  • Until now, rumors had circulated that the band’s seventh studio effort was titled Voltaic Oceans and that it would possibly be released in early December.
  • The 71-minute disc contains the following 11 tracks: “The Stage,” “Paradigm,” “Sunny Disposition,” “God Damn,” “Creating God,” “Angels,” “Simulation,” “Higher,” “Roman Sky,” “Fermi Paradox” and “Exist.” The title track and its video were released two weeks ago.
  • All but two of the songs are five minutes or more in length, while the final track, “Exist,” clocks in at over 15 minutes.
  • The band launched its campaign for the new album — its first for Capitol Records — with projections or pictures of the band’s mascot, the Deathbat, in cities around the world.