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An item at Alternative Nation quotes Guns N’ Roses inside source “MSL” as saying that the reunion of original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan almost didn’t happen at all. Writing at his GNRTruth blog, MSL said, “In terms of any crazy last minute demands, maybe that story will come out someday. I don’t think people realize just how close this whole ‘reunion’ thing was to completely falling apart and not happening at all.”

“MSL” also revealed that the band had been negotiating with founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin to have him participate in the reunion, but that they couldn’t come to terms. He explained, “‘Requesting more’ might give off the impression that there was a deal and that he reneged. I don’t believe that is the case at all . . . If somebody tried to change the deal at the last minute, it sure as s**t wasn’t Izzy. Thought he handled things professionally by bowing out and letting the fans know.”

  • “MSL” also said that other factors, such as Slash’s divorce from his wife Perla — he reportedly did not want her to get a share of his income from a reunion — and negotiations over the band members’ cuts from sales of a future live DVD, played a role in luring Slash back to the group.
  • He revealed, “The position was open. Perla was gone. The hatchet had already been buried enough to agree on the DVD issue. There was nothing standing in the way anymore.” Nonetheless, “MSL” added, “Everything came down to the wire . . . We’ll see how long it lasts.”
  • “MSL” previously broke the news that Guns N’ Roses was going to perform at this month’s Coachella Festival and that Axl Rose had met with AC/DC to act as a guest vocalist for that band, both stories that were later proven to be true.
  • Keyboardist Dizzy Reed, a 22-year veteran of the group who is participating in the reunion, told us a while back that unpredictability has always been part of the band: [“The volatility is definitely still there, especially for me, because I’ve seen a lot. It keeps you on your toes for sure. I just show up every night as prepared as possible to do my job, and anything else that happens is out of my control. There’s really no way to truly deal with that.”] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . deal with that.)
  • Guns N’ Roses played its first show since reuniting last Friday at Hollywood’s Troubadour nightclub, where the band began its career more than 30 years ago.
  • The group will next play two shows at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this Friday and Saturday (April 8th and 9th) before doing two stints at Coachella and two Mexico City gigs. A North American stadium tour will follow this summer.


  • How long do you think the Guns reunion will last? Will they make it through the tour?
  • Should the band have done more to accommodate Izzy and get him back?
  • Does it seem as if it’s all about money and percentages at this point for these guys?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Nation — agree or not?

Whip wrote: “I’m actually wary of buying tickets for August.. who knows if they’ll even make it past 5 shows? I guess having an unused GnR reunion ticket would still be ‘some’ sort of memory.”

Nick Yordon wrote: “Such bulls**t! It’s all false junk. The rumors, drama and nonsense people/ media comes up with. Wouldn’t be the same without it. This is the real world people. GNR is back! And going STRONG.”

Felonious Punk wrote: “Not buying it. Dude provides no proof to back any of this up. Anyone can claim this or that happened to cause something to almost not happen. Show me the proof.”