Is Marilyn Manson self-destructing on his current North American tour with Slipknot? In video footage taken at a recent show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Manson could be seen incoherently grunting, struggling to stay on his feet and messing around with equipment while singing “The Beautiful People.” During that same show, Manson told a member of his crew, “Don’t give me an uppity look, because you’re not black.”

Meanwhile, at a show Wednesday night (July 27th) in Bristow, Virginia, Manson appeared to be either extremely intoxicated or high and fell off the stage, also while singing “The Beautiful People.” Manson also canceled a July 21st show in Quebec City due to “illness” just minutes before he was supposed to take the stage, and wandered offstage for 10 minutes at what was described as a “disappointing” gig in Montreal on July 20th.

  • While some fans defended Manson’s performance in Bristow, a fan named Austin4X wrote on YouTube that Manson was “obviously inebriated,” adding, “Could barely understand anything he said all night. Show seemed like one long temper tantrum from start to finish with 10 minute breaks between every song.”
  • Manson told us a while back that no one should ever expect a “safe” show from him: [“The element of unpredictability and chaos always reigns free with Marilyn Manson because that’s what we’re about. And that’s never gonna change, no matter how much, you know, we bring to a show. It’s always gonna be raw, and that is what rock and roll is about, you know, as far as I’m concerned.”] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . as I’m concerned.)
  • Manson and Slipknot next pull into Clarkston, Michigan on Friday night (July 29th).
  • Manson has announced that he’s releasing a new album called SAY10 next year on Valentine’s Day.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Manson looking “tired” in Hershey, Pennsylvania:

And here he is falling off the stage in Bristow, Virginia:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Stereogum — agree or not?

muffinman wrote: “I’m so glad that I caught him in his prime when he was singing out of microphones sticking out of dancers butts and blowing snot rockets on the crowd…The joke being that seeing Manson is always a questionable experience even if he has his s**t together.”

will_leisure wrote: “I hope he gets the help he needs. He could’ve morphed into chill Alice Cooper playing golf or whatever, but he seems to have trouble understand he isn’t scary or shocking anymore.”

Lambshanka wrote: “His shows were once pretty incredible and engaging live entertainment spectacles. It’s hard to know what to blame this on: drugs, alcohol, apathy, touring with Slipknot, age? Either way, a bummer considering his early shows were massively incredible.”

onceler wrote: “What a joke he is and always was. If you have sentimental feelings for him for whatever reason, fine, but I think Manson was given praise in the 90s he never even came close to deserving. Not one classic song in this guy’s catalog, for realz, not one.”

Thurston wrote: “C’mon now. He was a 90’s icon. Kiss, Alice Cooper, shock theatrics, whatever. Sure it was entertainment wrapped up as goth art but it was pretty splendidly done.”