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Rob Zombie has told Revolver in a new interview that his next studio album is completed but that plans are still in the works for how and when to release it. Zombie explained, “With a record, even though MTV and all these old concepts are gone, you still need to make a s**t-ton of video content, because that’s how people get to the music. So it’s just a matter of figuring out how to find time to do all that.” The new disc will be Zombie’s first through his new deal with Nuclear Blast Records and is expected out later this year. Zombie will be touring all summer with Marilyn Manson and is also gearing up to promote the September arrival of his new movie, Three From Hell. One thing fans won’t hear is any new music on the Manson trek. Zombie said, “Absolutely not. First of all, nobody wants to go to concerts and hear songs they don’t know . . . Second, if you do that, everybody films it and puts it on YouTube, and starts prejudging something they don’t even know about.”