• Podcaster and TV host Mike Rowe has posted an open letter at his website in which he apologizes to Metallica frontman James Hetfield for mistaking him for the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich. Apparently Rowe was sitting at an outdoor cafe last Friday (April 16th) when Hetfield approached and asked if he was Mike Rowe. After acknowledging that he was, Rowe got Hetfield to admit that he played in a “local band” called Metallica, after which Rowe said, “Of course. You’re Lars Ulrich. Forgive me. I heard you lived around here,” to which Hetfield replied, “Actually, my name is James. James Hetfield.” Rowe has posted a transcript of the encounter — which also featured his dog barking angrily at Hetfield throughout — along with his letter. (Brave Words)
  • Following a recent acoustic Smashing Pumpkins concert in Chicago at which ex-guitarist James Iha performed with the band for the third time on its current tour, frontman William Corgan didn’t rule out the possibility of recording with Iha again. In a recent fan Q&A, Corgan was asked about making an acoustic Pumpkins album and responded, “I would say right now I would probably lean towards making a solo album, which the irony would be everybody that was on stage in Chicago would probably be on the album.” (Alternative Nation)
  • Somebody with a lot of free time created a fake Facebook page advertising a free Limp Bizkit show at a Sunoco gas station in Dayton, Ohio this past Wednesday (April 20th). The event page even featured a fake tweet from the band announcing the show as well as a flyer for it. The prank got enough traction that Dayton police stepped in and posted a message on Twitter that the show was a fake, while Limp Bizkit called it “total BS” on their own feed. (Loudwire)
  • A new experimental rock band called Gone Is Gone has been formed by Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders, At The Drive In drummer Tony Hajjar and Queens Of The Stone Ageguitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. The collaborative group plans to release its debut EP later this summer and has unveiled a new song called “Violescent.” The band will also perform its first show ever in Los Angeles on April 27th. (Blabbermouth)

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Watch James Iha performing “Disarm” with the Pumpkins in Chicago: