Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently surprised the cast of the Broadway musical School Of Rock by jumping onstage during a rehearsal and jamming on some Guns songs with them, according to Loudwire. With Guns N’ Roses in the New York area for a couple of shows, Slash stopped by the rehearsal and stepped onstage with guitar in hand as the kids in the cast played “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

Rolling Stone caught the entire jam session on camera, including singer Bobbi MacKenzie‘s reaction to seeing Slash onstage after they had finished playing the song. The legendary guitarist stayed to play “Paradise City” with the kids as well, later saying, “It was really cool to meet such an enthusiastic and talented bunch of young rock ‘n’ rollers. They were great kids as well as players.”

  • Slash, who has two sons himself, told us a while back how becoming a father affected his life: [“That was one of the defining moments in my life where I actually turned around and looked at everything from a perspective of sensibility. So it was right at a time where I’d finally come to terms with myself and sort of had figured out where my goals were. And so I got these great two little kids and I just wanna sort of bring ’em up in sort of the rock and roll fashion, which is how I was born, you know, and raised, and they’re great.”] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . and they’re great.)
  • Slash has performed with young musicians before, notably playing with a group of students at the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in 2013.
  • He and the rest of the Guns N’ Roses crew continue the “Not In This Lifetime” tour this Friday (July 29th) in Orlando, Florida.

CHECK IT OUT: Watch Slash jam with the cast of School Of Rock: