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Slipknot and Evanescence were forced to cancel their appearances at the first day of Knotfest Meets Forcefest in Mexico City on Saturday night (November 30th) due to a security issue. According to reports, the stage barricade broke during Behemoth‘s set and it was impossible to fix it in time for either of the two final bands to perform.

A short time later, Slipknot released a statement about the cancellation, saying, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Slipknot were not able to perform at last night’s Knotfest. Security barricades became an issue, and it was decided that for the safety of the fans, neither Slipknot or special guests Evanescence could take the stage.”

The band added, “We had hoped to be able to perform today, but regrettably, a situation arose onstage after the cancellation that damaged or destroyed gear that would have been necessary to play.”

Some fans at the festival apparently reacted angrily at the cancellation, storming the stage and destroying equipment, including Evanescence’s gear.

One fan tweeted, “It literally breaks my heart to see @evanescence equipment being destroyed at #knotfest. To the people who went on to destroy their equipment, you’re a bunch of cowards,” while another added, “This doesn’t represent metalheads nor mexicans. Only f**cking morons that can’t behave properly.”