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Yesterday, Slipknot announced their new album We Are Not Your Kind.  The band released the album’s first single “Unsainted” yesterday as well, and unveiled the new video for the song — which featured the group’s new masks. Guitarist Jim Root said about the upcoming project, “This is most time we’ve had to write a record, and work stuff out together. One of my inspirations this time around was those artists that recorded full length albums — not just songs. While the industry is moving toward singles, SLIPKNOT wanted to make an album experience, front to back.” Shawn Crahan added, “These days the art we are making comes with the highest reward, because it’s taken the most time. Almost four years to create this emotion and temperature, and the reward now is nothing short of salvation.” Meanwhile, singer Corey Taylor said that the album is dark. He explained, “We are taking some really cool risks musically. We’re dipping into some evil we haven’t played with in a long time, let’s put it that way. It’s got little hints of everything we’ve ever done, but it’s got some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever done as well.” Taylor added that the new album touches on his depression which led to his divorce. We Are Not Your Kind is the sixth album from Slipknot. It is due out on August 9th.