Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor explained in a new interview with Albany, New York radio station Q103 why he had a fan thrown out of the band’s concert in Toronto last week. Taylor called the person a “typical idiot,” explaining, “He was a troll in a real life, man. He was just showing some serious disrespect; nothing I can say on the radio . . . Honestly, what you’re seeing (in the video) is the culmination of me trying to ignore it for the entire show and finally getting to the point where I’m, like, ‘No. We’re not doing this anymore. I’ve been doing this for twenty years now. I’m not doing that.’ So he was gone.”

Taylor added, “The thing that sucked, though, was the girl that was with him was a fan, and she had to leave because he was her ride. So he gets pulled, and he’s acting like, ‘Oh, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why I’m getting kicked out.’ I’m, like, ‘You’re an idiot, and we all know why you’re getting kicked out.’ And then his girl is, like, ‘But . . . what . . . I . . . okay, I’ve gotta go.’ I mean, I felt bad for her, but, honey, get a better dude. That dude you’re with sucks at life.”

  • Fan-filmed video footage showed Taylor pointing at someone in the crowd and saying into the mic, “You don’t show me s**t, you little p**sy.” Within 15 seconds, security escorted the person out, with Taylor waving and saying, “Bye bye, bitch.”
  • He later called the person a “c**t” on Twitter and explained that he has been “doing this too long to deal with that disrespect.”
  • Fans on Reddit later wrote that the man had been hurling insults at Taylor and harassing others around him throughout the concert.
  • Taylor said about the man’s reason for acting this way, “You’re a punk, and that’s the kind of negativity you thrive on. And, honestly, I’m at the age . . . We’re done here. You know? You wanna talk smack? You’re gonna get smacked. That’s the way it is.”
  • The singer made headlines earlier this month when he smacked the phone out of the hand of a texting fan during another recent Slipknot concert. Taylor later explained his action by tweeting, “If you’re gonna text, stay home.”
  • Slipknot’s summer North American tour continues this Friday (July 29th) in Clarkston, Michigan.

CHECK IT OUT: Here is the footage again of Taylor kicking the guy out:


  • Now that you’ve heard Taylor’s explanation, do you accept it?
  • If you were playing onstage or giving some kind of presentation of any kind, and some guy kept heckling you, what would you do?
  • Do you think that just because someone buys a ticket to a concert that entitles them to behave like a moron?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

Domonic Stanley wrote: “Ok, the phone thing might be a little over the top. Other than that, no american citizen has a civic duty to take s**t from anyone. Corey Taylor Included, especially at his own show.”

Tim Miller Bass wrote: “Here’s a shot in the dark – how about ignoring one a****le and continue to perform for the thousands who AREN’T giving you a hard time? Sissy.”

Brad Dix wrote: “Nope. Kick him out. He was probably annoying other people that paid to be there. Hopefully that put him in the dog house.”

Joseph Ellis wrote: “Every single concert I’ve ever been to there’s always that one guy that is just being a complete d**k and ruining it for everyone and causing fights. Its definitely distracting for the bands and thankfully security are prompt when it gets too far.”

Craig Prosise wrote: “What a joke. Back in my day, the singer would’ve kicked the dude out and give the girl a backstage pass and pay for her taxi the next morning.”