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A moshpit at a Slipknot concert in San Bernardino, California on Saturday night got out of hand, with video footage posted online of frontman Corey Taylor stopping the show and shouting at the crowd in the pit to make space for paramedics, who were forced to assist several audience members during the melee. In the footage, Taylor can be heard yelling, “Back the f**k up! No one is f**king getting hurt on my f**king watch. Do you understand me? Back the f**k up! Now give me a scream, motherf**kers!” According to posts on Reddit, paramedics had to step in because people were starting “to get trampled and have seizures.” One user wrote, “Kids and females were on the ground, hurt or unconscious, while people were still running around over them. If Corey hadn’t stopped the song it could have been worse.” Another Reddit user described the situation as “insane” while he and another fan tried to rescue a third man who had fallen to the ground and passed out. The user wrote, “Every time I pushed as hard as I could to get some room it instantly filled back up with people . . . I was seriously worried this dude was going to die down there.” Slipknot’s new album, We Are Not Your Kind, will arrive on August 9th. The band’s just-launched North American tour brings them to Salt Lake City on Thursday.