Smashing Pumpkins frontman William Corgan has filed a lawsuit against TNA Wrestling and filed a restraining order against the owners, according to TMZ. The problem is that Corgan is the president of the company as well, having been named to the post in August by TNA owner Dixie Carter. Along with TNA Wrestling and Impact Ventures, Carter and her husband Serg Salias are named as defendants in Corgan’s lawsuit.

The lawsuit is sealed at the moment so it’s not clear what happened. A spokesperson for Corgan told Consequence Of Sound that she could not comment on the matter while it was in litigation, but offered this statement, “As president, Billy Corgan is looking out for the long-term interest of the company, its employees, its talent, as well as its stakeholders and contractors.”

  • Carter praised Corgan as a “visionary” and a “savvy businessman” when she named him president, and Corgan apparently had plans to take majority ownership of the league.
  • Corgan began working with TNA last June and personally financed its last three wrestling tapings, according to Spin, while putting his own money into other areas of the company as well.
  • His deal to take a majority stake in the company had not yet closed, which has been rumored as one possible reason for the split with the owners. Players toldPW Insider that there was “tension” between Corgan and Carter at the league’s last pay-per-view event.
  • Some online speculation has suggested that the entire thing is being staged as part of a TNA storyline.