A song on the newly released Blink-182 album California is about estranged singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge, according to the record’s producer John Feldmann. In an interview with Fuse, Feldmann explained that the track “San Diego” was written about DeLonge, saying, “The song (is about) growing up in San Diego, having so many of their work partners being from San Diego and having a member who lives in San Diego who is no longer in the band. It was a song that Mark (Hoppus, bassist) didn’t want to write.”

Feldmann continued, “I brought up the idea that you have to write about s**t you don’t want to write about. You have to write about s**t that’s right there on the surface. There’s clearly a lot of feelings involved with having a best friend who is not in your band anymore; having a best friend with all that stuff that went down.”

  • Adding that Blink was formed in San Diego originally and put the city on the map musically, Feldmann said, “The song acts as a bittersweet homage, a goodbye to this city that none of us live in anymore but owe so much to, while acknowledging the interpersonal relationships within the band.”
  • California came out last Friday (July 1st) and is the first Blink album to feature guitarist/singer Matt Skiba, who joined the band last year after DeLonge elected to pursue his studies of UFO activity and his related media projects rather than record and tour with Blink.
  • Meanwhile, Hoppus recently told Vice that he doesn’t share DeLonge’s beliefs that aliens have visited Earth. He said, “When I’ve been presented with stuff that people say is conspiracy I don’t take it at face value. I need more significant evidence. I don’t think that the moon landing was faked, I don’t believe in Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. I don’t think that aliens have visited us — I believe there’s life out there of some sort but I don’t think they’ve come here and hung out.”
  • Hoppus told us a while back what he thought of DeLonge’s views: [“Freak! No…I think Tom is a complete freak. Tom believes anything that he reads or hears on the radio and questions nothing.”] SOUNDCUE (:08 OC: . . . and questions nothing.)
  • DeLonge believes that many humans — including himself — have been contacted by aliens and that the U.S. military and other parties have recovered and are using alien technology. He recently published a novel based on these ideas and is working on a documentary.
  • Blink hit Number One on the modern rock radio chart with “Bored To Death,” the first single from California, and is on tour all summer with A Day to RememberAll-American Rejects and All Time Low.


  • Does it feel like Blink has moved on permanently from Tom DeLonge, no matter what he says?
  • Would they look foolish if they took him back again at some point?
  • He keeps saying he never officially quit — is he trying to have his cake and eat it too?
  • Do you think  DeLonge’s obsession with UFOs has hurt the band? Where do you stand on his beliefs?
  • What do you think of Ayy Lmao’s? Are they safe? What do they look like? Are they real?

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