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Stone Sour is back in the studio, with the band returning to Room 237, the Burbank, California recording facility owned by Stone Sour drummer Roy Mayorga. The group is working on music for the follow-up to its double concept album, House Of Gold And Bones, which came out in two volumes in 2012 and 2013.

Stone Sour’s most recent releases were two EPs of cover tunes and singer Corey Taylor told us a while back how working on those could affect the band’s approach to its new album: [“What it did teach us was that we could go into a room and record live, and have it sound tight, have it sound exciting, have it sound like it was recorded together instead of layered in a studio. And I think that’s one of the interesting things that we might try with this upcoming album.”] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . this upcoming album.)

  • Although Stone Sour originally planned three covers EPs, the third one — titled No Sleep ‘Till Burbank — appears to have been scrapped. Taylor told the Someone Who Isn’t Me podcast, “Originally we were going to do three (covers EPs), and now it sounds like we’re just going to do the two and just keep the other stuff we recorded as extra content for when we make the next album.”
  • The two previously released EPs were titled Meanwhile In Burbank… and Straight Out Of Burbank.
  • Taylor also said in a recent interview that Stone Sour has 14 new songs in demo form and they are “a little more rock and roll, a little more expanding the range again.”
  • Taylor still has some Slipknot obligations this year as well. He and that band will head out on a massive North American tour with Marilyn Manson and Of Mice And Men this summer, starting on June 9th in Salt Lake City.

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Ukeje Mbonye wrote: “This is the wonderful news I’d been desperately hoping for since….um….forever.”

Brownie Lawmore wrote: “I thought Corey was gonna retire if GNR reunited?! Someone please hold him to that!!!”

Danny Maíl wrote: “I think we can let him off since it’s only 3/5 of the band (officially) at this point.”