Stone Sour‘s new album Hydrograd will be released in June, although an exact date has yet to be unveiled. According to Loudwire, that information was revealed during a new video clip posted on the band’s Facebook page in which the band can be seen “kidnapping” a “superfan” named Bert from Porto’s Bakery in Burbank, California and taking him to the studio to play him selections from the new disc.

In the video, Bert is under the impression that the band will just sign some items for him, but instead they have him join them on a quick ride over to the studio. After meeting producer Jay Ruston, Bert takes a seat at the board where they play him six songs — although viewers of the video don’t get to listen along with him.

  • Hydrograd is Stone Sour’s sixth studio album and was recorded at Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, California.
  • Singer Corey Taylor has hinted that the band will leak a “heavier anthem tune” ahead of the album’s release.
  • About the direction of the disc, Taylor told BBC Radio One, “This album is great because it’s got elements of everything. It’s got the heavy energy of the ’80s, there’s punk moments, there’s hard rock moments, all the great amalgam of music. There’s even jazz and hip-hop moments. It’s really, really cool.”
  • Stone Sour’s last full set of new material was the House Of Gold & Bones double album, which was released in two parts in 2012 and 2013.