A&M Records and London Bridge Studios co-founder Rajan Parashar have finally come to an agreement over Parashar’s possession of the master tapes for the self-titled 1991 album by Temple Of The Dog, with Parashar giving the tapes back to the label. Singer Chris Cornell tweeted a picture of the tapes on Wednesday (May 25th) along with a caption reading, “Temple Of The Dog masters returned today. History made a whole 25 years later!”

A&M sued Parashar last year, claiming he wouldn’t return the master tapes, which Cornell and his Soundgarden bandmate, drummer Matt Cameron, recorded in 1990 with members of Pearl Jam. Cornell sided with A&M, which said it bought the tapes in 1993, against Parashar, whose brother Rick produced the disc.

  • A&M now reportedly intends to remaster the record for a 25th-anniversary deluxe reissue later this year.
  • When A&M’s lawsuit was first filed, Cornell told the Associated Press, “A&M Records paid for the recordings and the use of the studio,” adding that for Parashar “to pretend he has a right to keep the recordings makes no more sense than the owner of a laundromat claiming he owns the clothes you washed in his washing machine.”
  • The former studio owner’s attorney insisted the tapes belonged to Rajan, who said he was not a participant in the 1993 deal between his brother and the label. Rick Parashar died in 2014.


  • The Temple Of The Dog album was recorded in 15 days as a tribute to late Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood.
  • Cornell and Wood were roommates, while surviving Mother Love Bone members Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard formed the nucleus of what became Pearl Jam.
  • The record also featured two other members of Pearl Jam — guitarist Mike McCready and then-unknown vocalist Eddie Vedder.
  • The members of Temple Of The Dog have periodically gotten together at shows over the years to play a song or two.

CHECK IT OUT: Here’s Cornell’s tweet about the master tapes:

Temple of the Dog masters returned today. History made whole 25 years later!

Watch a rare performance by Temple Of The Dog during Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary concerts in 2011:

INTERNET COMMENTS at Blabbermouth — agree or not?

James Nathan Tobola wrote: “Well I’m happy the remasters still exist, some don’t anymore. Also I really wish they had done a tribute project like this for Layne Staley but what’s done is done.”

Bill-Tammy Heck wrote: “Hell of a great record and holds up really well. One of the few ‘tribute’ records made by people that actually had a close relationship with the tributee. Maybe that’s what makes it so much better than the mediocre sea of tributes that exist? Hoping for demos/unreleased extras!”

Kirby O’Bryan wrote: “Sweet. The best album that came out of the Seattle scene.”

Ekim Niksurg wrote: “Oh man. Classic album. Shame about the legal BS but I’m glad it’s getting the treatment it deserves.”