The Pretty Reckless singer Taylor Momsen said in a new radio interview that she has no plans to act again, saying that her previous career as an actress is “so a part of my past.” Momsen began acting as a toddler and was best known for her role on the TV series Gossip Girl, but has not pursued any further acting jobs while recording three albums with the band and touring behind them.

Asked on KLAQ if there were any acting roles that she wouldn’t turn down, Momsen replied, “I don’t think so, no. Acting is so a part of my past at this point, it really legitimately was my childhood . . . When I got to an age that I realized I could make my own decisions, that’s when I quit acting and solely committed to the band.”

  • Momsen told us not long ago that her family always knew this was what she really wanted to do: [“They knew that music was always where I was headed, and what my — that was my passion and my goal. I mean, acting was a day job, essentially, while I worked on writing a record’s worth of material that I wanted people to hear, and finding the right people to work with and the right band and all that. So they weren’t surprised when I jumped ship.”] 
  • The singer told Music Radar a few years ago that acting was “something that paid bills,” adding, “I never considered myself an actor — I was a musician who just happened to be on a TV show.”
  • The Pretty Reckless’ third album, Who You Selling For, arrived last October. The current single, “Oh My God,” is Number Five on the rock radio chart.
  • The Pretty Reckless will launch a new North American tour on April 26th in Washington D.C., including a number of dates opening for Soundgarden.