Singer/guitarist Tom DeLonge issued a statement on Friday (April 29th) with his thoughts on the future of Blink-182, following the band’s release late last week of “Bored To Death,” the first single from the group’s first album without DeLonge, titled California. Surprisingly, DeLonge indicated that he believes he is still part of the band, saying, “We DO have a future together if we want it.”

DeLonge wrote, “I understand all the craziness out there in Internet-land, it is an odd time for fans of the Blink-182 legacy, I know — it’s odd for me, too. Well, I met with Mark (Hoppus, bass) yesterday, and Travis (Barker, drums) the week before . . . I actually talk to Travis almost every day, now. The answer is this: We DO have a future together if we want it, but for now we are busy doing separate things.”

  • DeLonge goes on to talk about working on a movie he’s directing this summer, his Sekret Machines book and releasing more solo music, then discusses Blink bringing an outside songwriter into the new album.
  • DeLonge explains, “That in itself may be an indicator of some of our current artistic differences that are difficult to overcome . . . we are at different places in our minds, careers and goals, I get it.”
  • He continues, “I obviously want them to make the music they wish. I have always been thankful for them in my life, but I am a forward thinking artist, and sometimes that leads me down a different path.”
  • DeLonge concludes, “I look forward to my upcoming adventures, and a hell of a lot more . . . Maybe even a bit of Blink-182 if we can build back that ‘special something’ that was once there. “
  • Blink-182 had yet to publicly commented on DeLonge’s statement at press time. Hoppus and Barker said in early 2015 that DeLonge had left Blink to concentrate on his own projects DeLonge disputed that he had exited.
  • The new Blink album, with guitarist and singer Matt Skiba replacing DeLonge, is out July 1st, to be followed by a lengthy tour.


  • Do you think that there is any truth to what Tom is saying about Blink?
  • Do you think it’s all some kind of face-saving on his part?
  • If he and Hoppus and Barker are all talking again, how far off could a series be?

INTERNET COMMENTS at Alternative Press — agree or not?

Jake Bodyy wrote: “This was always going to be the outcome and I’m happy for them. Was all a big misunderstanding and as Tom said in a number or interviews, all they had to do was and call and be like what’s up dude your busy with your other stuff, do you mind if we bring in somebody else to record and tour. Very relieved now.”

Amanda Soneberg wrote: “F**k Tom. So he’ saying without him they couldn’t do it without hiring w somgwriter? Also, that theres a future if they want there to be? No s**t. That’s true about anything.'”If they want it’. Lol. Obviously they dont. How a person this insignificant can be this cocky is beyond me.”

Mike Hisashi wrote: “Tom sounds like one of those boyfriends that is trying to crawl back to a girlfriend he broke up with. Blink moved on and you should too.”