Tool drummer Danny Carey performed a full concert with the band on Saturday night (October 22nd) at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California despite being diagnosed just hours earlier with a “serious” staph infection. Carey played the show against the advice of his doctor, with guitarist Adam Jones saying, “At first on Friday morning, he was misdiagnosed with a poisonous spider bite on his upper leg. Then later Friday night the quarter sized wound was cut opened and drained. By Saturday (he) was still aching from head to toe and from what I heard the local doctor recommended we skip the show. But Dan with headaches and painful joints played anyway.”

  • As of Sunday evening (October 23rd), Carey was reportedly “feeling better.” A venomous spider bite had apparently not been ruled out as the cause of his illness.
  • Carey himself told us a while back that Tool approaches festivals differently from its own shows: [“It’s this whole different vibe when you play at a festival. People have already had to go through so much, you know, especially if you’re headlining. By the time you’re on, you know, you don’t wanna just drive them into the ground, you know. I think in those cases less is more, so we’re happy just to play more rocking, straight ahead songs and not get too tedious ’cause it’s not that kind of an environment. We’ll save that for our own shows.”] 
  • At press time Tool was scheduled to perform last night (Monday, October 24th) in Salt Lake City, with shows also booked this week on Wednesday (October 26th) in Denver and Friday (October 28th) in Little Rock, Arkansas, Carey was scheduled to appear at all three shows.
  • Carey, Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor reportedly continue to work on new music for the long-awaited next studio album from Tool, while singer Maynard James Keenan is preparing to go on a book tour to promote his new memoir, due out November 8th.