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Tool has finally released its first studio album in 13 years, but that doesn’t mean singer Maynard James Keenan is done with recording studios for a while. One of his other bands, Puscifer, posted a photo on Instagram of Keenan laying down vocals for the group’s next LP, due out sometime in 2021.

Keenan first revealed he was working on new Puscifer material back in July, prior to the late August release of Tool’s highly anticipated fifth album Fear Inoculum. With Tool touring in support of that disc, Keenan was able to take advantage of their dates in California and Arizona to record vocals for Puscifer.

The last Puscifer album, Money Shot, came out in 2015. The act and its revolving lineup has existed in some form since 1995 but only began making records in 2007. Keenan told us a while back that its live shows can be unpredictable: [“The goal is to build Puscifer where you’re not, you don’t know what to expect. Leave your expectations at the door, just like come in and enjoy a show. If you walk in and we do two AC/DC albums back to back, in our interpretation, as long as there’s a show to go along with it, that’s the kind of audience we are trying to build. As long as we are entertaining, and the songs are executed great and, you know, there’s something to see, that should be okay if you’re a Puscifer fan, ’cause you got to be the one that saw that show.”] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . saw that show.)

Keenan also toured last year with A Perfect Circle, which released its long-awaited fourth studio LP Eat The Elephant. As for Tool, the band next plays in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Tuesday (October 29th).